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2A International Architectural Colleagues & Contributeres

Ahmad Zohadi

Editor in Chief & Publisher of 2A Magazine, Head of Organizing Committee of 2A Awards

Editorial & Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Nader Ardalan

Architect, President of Ardalan Associates, Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Tomas Barrie

AIA, School of Architecture at North Carolina State University, Advisory Board and Guest Co-Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 9, Fall 2009

Elisabeth von Samsonow

Artist, professor for philosophical and historical anthropology, fine arts Vienna and Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Rasem Badran

Architect, Founder and Partner of DAO_dar al omran architects and Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Steve Padget

RA, LEED AP BD&C, Assoc. Prof. The University of Kansas School of Architecture Design and Planning,Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Michael Rotondi

FAIA, Principal of ROTO Architecs, Co Found, Distinguished Faculty SCI- Arc, Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Bahram Shirdel

Architect, President of Shirdel and Partners and Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Julio Bermudez

Associate Professor at Catholic University of America School of Architecture, , Member of Editorial- Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Makan Rafatjou

Architect, Town Planer, Urban Designer, Thinker and Theorist in the Urban – President of Agence Makan Rafatdjou in Paris – Chairman of French Institut of Urbanism – co-Chairman of Paris Urbanism School – Member of Editorial-Advisory Board of 2A Magazine

Guests Editors of 2A Magazine 2006- 2020

Karla Britton

Co-Convener ACSF 10 Symposium, is Professor of Art History at Dine College, the tribal college o the Navajo Nation.

Nader Ardalan

Architect, President of Ardalan Associates, Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 26, Winter 2014

Aziza Chaouni

Founder of Aziza Chaouni Projects and associate professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design in Toronto

Ibrahim Mohammad Jaidah

Architect, Co- founding member of Qatar Green Building Council- Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 24, Summer 2013

Philip James Tabb, Ph.D.

Architect and Professor of Architecture at Texas A&M University – Guest Co-Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 17, Spring 2011

Dariush Zandi

Architec, Chairman of the UAE Architectural Heritage Society English Chapter and Fonder of Total Arts

Faryar Javaherian

CEO, Gamma Consultants and Co-Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 14, Summer 2010

Negar Kalantar P.h.D.

Architect, Texas A&M University- Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 20, Summer 2012

Sen Kapadia

Architect, Educationalist based in Mumbai – Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 20, Summer 2012

Susanne Weiss

Museologist, Curator and Art Educator Based in Berlin, Co-Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 13, Spring 2010

John Alexander Smith, P.h.D.

Architect, Professor and Emeritus Chairman of the Department of Interior Design Department of AUD, Guest Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 8, Spring 2008

Simos Yannas

Architect, Professor at the AA scholl of Architecture, London. Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 7, Winter 2008

Shahrouz Mahdavi

Architec, Managing Director of M3 are architects

Claude Berube

Architect, FIIDA and past president of the International Federation of Interior Architects (IFI), Guest Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 6, Fall 2007

Michael Schwarz

Full Faculty Member “Ajman University of Science and Technology”, Guest Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 5, Spring 2007

George Katodrytis

Architect, Professor and Head of Architectural School of Architecture at American University of Sharjah, Guest Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 4 , Winter 2007

Organizing Committee of 2A Awards

Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi

Architect and Member of Editorial Board of 2A Magazine- Moderator

Harshad Audichya

Audichya is digital consultant of 2A Incorporation

Nader Zohadi

Audichya is digital consultant of 2A Incorporation

pejman Aghasi

Architectural researcher, Author, Speaker, Meditation & Spirituality

Jury Members of 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA 2015- 2019)

Seung H-Sang

Architect, Graduated Seoul National University and Studied at Technische university in Wien And Guest Co – Editor, 2A Magazine Issue 32 Summer 2015

Romi Khosla

Architect, graduated from Cambridge University and Architectural Association in London

Bahram Shirdel

Architect, Director of Shirdel & Associates Architects and urban planners: an award winning international practice, previously in U.S.A & U.K, now in Iran.

Yavuz Selim Sepin

Architect, Researcher, Professor of Yildiz Technical University, Maltepe University & Okan University. He Established His Own Architectural office with Norwin Rummel in Stuttgart – Fellbach in 1978

Sinan Mert Sener (Ph.D.)

Architect, Dean of Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. He Also Won 16 National Architectural Competition Degree and Mentions Between 1990-2004.

Françoise Fromonot

Architect, currently Professor at the schools of architecture of Paris-Belleville (History, Theory and Design) and of Rice University, Houston (Paris programme).

Nasrin Seraji

Architect, Head of Architecture School in Hong Kong and 2A Magazine Issue 39, Spring 2017

Wolfgang Tschapeller

– Master in Architecture from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY
– Professor of architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and as of 2012 he is the head of the Institute of Art and Architecture

Murat Tabanlioglu

Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 30, Winter 2015

Hiromi Hosoya

Partner of the Zurich-based architecture, urban design, and research firm Hosoya Schaefer Architects, founded with Markus Schaefer in 2003.

Nader Ardalan

As President of Ardalan Associates, LLC, Nader Ardalan is an Architect with a long and distinguished international career in the fields of Architecture.

Waro Kishi

Born in Yokohama, Japan, 1950; graduated from Department of Architecture, Kyoto University, 1975; completed post-graduate course of Architecture, Kyoto University, 1978; established Waro Kishi + K.Associates/Architects, 1981

Shirish Beri

Ar. Shirish Beri’s works, which tend to reflect his values and concerns in life have been bearing their distinct mark on modern Indian architecture since 1975.

Sergei Tchoban

Architect DBA and Guest Co- Editor of 2A Magazine Issue 38, Winter 2017

Hubert Ninhoff

Born 1959 in Kirchhellen / Westfalen, Germany – Education: Diploma examination at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany (1985) – Employment

Ulrike Lauber

Born in 1959, Biedenkopf, Germany, Professor Dipl.-Ing. Studies at Technical University Berlin, Degree in Architecture (1973 – 1979).

Carme Pinós

Architect, Founder of Carme Pinós Studio and Guest Co-Editor,2A Magazine Issue 42, Spring 2018

Yoko Okuyama

َArchitect , Artist,  graduated in architecture from the Hokkaido University.

Abbas Gharib

Architact, Founder of studio Gharib ,(born 16 June 1942) is an Italian-based architect of Iranian origin.

Willy Muller

Architec & Urban designer, Co-Founder of IAAC, Founder of WMA

Ali Basbous

Architact, Founder and Director of BAD.

Areti Markopoulou

Architect, researcher and urban technologist working at the intersection between architecture and digital technologies, Co-Founder of IAAC

Chitra. K. Vishwanath

Architect and managing director of Biome Environmental Solutions

Benjamin Iborra Wicksteed

Architect &  partner of MESURA.

Donald Bates

Director – LAB Architecture Studio

Chair of Architectural Design – University of Melbourne

Silja Tillner

Architecture & City Planner , Austria

Asako Yamamoto

Architect, 1998 – Established ALPHAVILLE

Teaching at Kyoto University, Kyoto University of the Arts, Japan

Antoine Guiraud

Architect, Co-Managing Partner of the architecture SARL GUIRAUD-MANENC, France

Jury Members of 2A City- Architecture Movie Award (2ACAMA 2020)

Eva Sangiorgi

Director of Viennale is Austria’s most important international film event.

Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi

Architect, Lecturer at the academy of fine Arts Vienna.

Constanze Ruhm

Artist, filmmaker, author, curator. Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Institute of New Media, Städelschule Frankfurt/Main.

Elise Feiersinger

Elise is active in the Austrian Society for Architecture.

Karl- Heniz Klopf

Born in Linz (1956), studied there at the University for Artistic and Industrial Design.