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Introduction, Privileges and Rules


2A Architecture & Art Services. has taken another step towards creating a forum for all architects around the world to expand and enrich their vision about Unique Global Opportunity for Professional Interaction and Architectural Networking Between Continents, Each of these great continents [Asia- Oceania, Europe, Africa, South & Central America, North America] have different cultural and historical backgrounds. Therefore their social and architectural needs are also different and 2A ArchiPedia  Architectural Encyclopedia acts as a forum to bring the international architects together.


Interactive Forum:
Archi-Pedia provides an diverse and extensive forum where professional architects and other related experts can have access to each others’ abilities and can freely interact under same professional niche. This gives a platform to professional architects and developers worldwide.

Knowledge & Information:

2A ArchiPedia act as an International database, useful for all professionals related to the field of architecture, its goal is to add and promote academic, expert knowledge and facilitate the sharing of organized knowledge and information.

Promote and highlight the uniqueness of the continents:

2A ArchiPedia will create an extensive reference and archive for unique and different architecture in the world which can be used by all professionals [architects and urban designers] help them to find one another based on their professional needs.
Not only it is a Global Event but also is unique and different in a senate that it keeps the uniqueness preserved at the same time.


  • 2A is not legally liable these information and for any possible damage financial or reputation to any of users.
  • 2A accepts to consider your invitation If you need to have us as the evidence of your contracts when you find your front side of your deal in Archi- Pedia, hence, it will be done, when we accept to be third person of the contract and our fee will be shared.
  • Based on the essence of online registration of 2A ArchiPedia Architectural Encyclopedia, the members’ eligibility would be done and the space for the professional would also be available to make by him/herself, however, If we got the wrong points in the unregulator links after eligibility, the eligibility will be canceled.