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2A Magazine is an architectural Magazin which has been publishing since 2006 and Now is involved with the organization of below architectural activities:

2A Annual Continental Architectural Awards [2ACAA] and Interaction Forum which has been holding since 2015

2A City- Architecture Movie Award [2ACAMA]

2A Architectural Encyclopedia [ArchiPedia]

2A Architectural Center for Research & Design

2A Paragon City for Well- Balanced Living & Multi Dimensional Growth & Progress

Some of the significant architectural ideas and studies which has been done by 2A team and presented in 2A Magazine are:

Design Sustainability and Green Communities

Resurgent Urbanism: The Challenge to the Middle Eastern Cities

Architecture, Culture and Spirituality

Women’s Voices in Architecture & Design

Architecture from Various Continents

The significant points which has been focused on as magazine’s vision are:

the magazine is a sensitive and effective media element which can reflect an actual image of architecture by focusing on different regional architecture and promote the importance and necessities of considering ” Architecture and Design Achievement, Culture, Social Evolution, Education, Social-ethics, Environmental- ethics, Observation learning”.

Furthermore, The 2A‘s activities such as organizing annual architectural awards are in fact shaping and creating a new and positive transformative trend to flourish for well- balanced living and be presented multi-dimensionally by expanding interactions in architecture, and also helping architectural designers to expand their horizons to become more creative and professionally aware of multiple aspects of this amazing art and profession.

In 2A’s viewpoints, “Architecture is an art and profession, which plays a multi-dimensional role in any society. Its function and responsibility is not merely to create beautiful living spaces, it has to reflect and respond to the social, cultural and economical needs and challenges of that specific society, country, region or continent.
Even within a certain society, there are different groups and issues, which may need special support and consideration. 2A magazine has been committed to focus on these challenges in the past 15 years, specialized issues such as women in architecture, significance of cultural identity, spirituality, sustainability and many other important local and global concerns has been published.

In continuation of our efforts, starting with 2ACAA for the past Six years.
2A has started the challenge of creating an international reference of regional architecture in different areas of the world, although, architecture is growing differently in various regions of the world and new concepts are changing and transforming the life of people in 21st century, and despite this colorful variety, the reference model helps architects to have certain criteria and useful information in mind when designing a project in any region and continent, his goals in creating 2ACAA are :Contextual Analysis and Studies in the Continents- Architectural Networking Between the Continents- Different Continents, One Common Goal-  Sharing Ideas from Various Origins- Creating A Forum for International Interaction and Exchanging Theories and Practices of Architecture”.

Furthermore, we have always remained dedicated to support and give encouragement to new talented people in various fields of architecture, thus, we present “2A’s Mention” to outstanding architectural projects and other professional activities, This mention can be given in many different situations.
For instance ;

If/when we receive an outstanding Architectural Article (or project) to be published in the magazine If the director decides to give special recognition and encouragement to the architect, the director’s mention certificate is issued.

Other social and professional activities which directly or indirectly contributes and supports the growth of architectural community, maybe entitled to receive 2A’s Mention (Director’s mention).

It takes into consideration many professional factors before issuing a certificate and acknowledgement letter for any individual, organization, company even to municipalities.