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    2A Magazine New Edition is Published Now!
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    Theme: Innovative Architecture in the Continents

    Categories for Completed Projects

    For completed projects, the award will be presented in the following categories. All categories are open to practices of all sizes and there is no limit to the amount of categories you can enter, however one project cannot be entered in two different categories. 


    – Commercial (Retail & Wholesale, Office & Business, Production)

    – Public (Sport & Leisure, Education, Health, Mixed-use, Hospitability)

    – Residential

    – Rural Projects, Public Spaces (including squares and streets) and Landscapes, Urban Projects

    – Old and New (Regeneration, Restoration, Renovation, Reuse, and Adaptation)

    – Religion, Civic Transportation, and Community Based Projects

    – Interior Architecture

    – Future Projects/Innovative Designs

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